St. George Greek OrthoDox Church

Piscataway, New Jersey

St. George Greek OrthoDox Church

Piscataway, New Jersey



Mission Statement

To provide an environment where the teenagers of St. George can experience, live, and learn their Orthodox Faith and Culture so that, as they grow and mature, both spiritually and physically, they will develop a commitment to God, the Greek Orthodox Faith and the Greek Orthodox Church.

About the St. George GOYA

We are very proud of our GOYA because it is a place where young people come to learn and grow as Greek Orthodox Christians in today's society. We have also experienced that many people make new friends and experience their Faith and culture in a loving environment. The youth group really makes teens and parents feel like they are a part of the St. George Community.

Presently our GOYA consists of 59 members who are 12 to 18 years old and in the 7th to 12th grades. We meet the first Sunday of every month following church services. Our yearly calendar is full of activities including religious, Hellenic, charitable, athletic, and social events, which are at the local, district, and Northern New Jersey level.

Any Greek Orthodox teenager that meets the age and grade requirements is welcome to join. After filling out the necessary application and submitting a copy of their birth certificate, they will receive a monthly calendar of events and can then participate in all the youth events.

If interested, please come to one of our monthly meetings or contact the priest.


Sights and Sounds 2016 Results

Congratulations to all the participants for a job well done!

We are all very proud of our GOYAns!!

St George placed 5th overall!!!


Senior Short Story:                            2nd place                            Alexandra Garthe

Senior Essay:                                      Honorable mention          Nicolette Garthe

Sewing:                                                 1st place                              Alexis Mangafas

Macramé:                                             2nd place                            Angela Polos

Honorable mention          Nicolette Polos

Cartoons:                                              2nd place                            Sophia Polos

Pencil:                                                   3rd place                             Andrea Tamanas

Jewelry-original design:                   3rd place                             Angela Polos

Molded candles:                                 Honorable mention          Nicolette Kavouras

American Singing group:                  1st place

Greek Singing group:                         1st place

Band:                                                     1st place

Senior Singing Solo:                           2nd place                            Nicolette Garthe

Religious Singing Group:                  3rd place

Senior Greek Monologue:                 4th place                              Gerasimos Georgopoulos

Choral speaking:                                 4th place

Dance:                                                   4th place